What is Logging?

This blog post touches on the basics of logging and looks to answer the question, what is logging? When logging the timber is used for a number of things, from creating furniture for schools, hospitals and offices, to being used for paper and card boxes. Logging has been featured on thousands of news articles and news stories over the years as traders do illegal logging and kill off animals and tribes.

However now there are charity’s setup that monitor illegal logging and try to catch these people in the act and charge them hefty. This is reducing illegal logging hugely around the world but there still are illegal loggers taking the risk and cutting.

Issues with illegal logging

  • Animals: Many species and that need trees for them homes and source of food will become extinct. Animals rely on trees for food and a home, the more trees we cut the more animals begin to die and become extinct.
  • Flooding: Trees are very important soaking in heavy rains. As it begins to rain the water seeps into the group and is absorbed by the trees roots. The huge trees drink plenty of water and when the monsoon rains come the heavens open up and bless the grounds. Almost all of this water is taken in by the trees, however if these trees are cut then this water will not be soaked in by the ground and plants and risk flooding in homes and lands.
  • Climate Change: Trees are really helpful for the planet, trees release oxygen that is taken in by humans and mammals to help them live. Trees also take it carbon dioxide which is harmful gas that causes global warming. With less trees it would mean less oxygen for living inhabitants of the earth to take in and less carbon dioxide being taken in by trees causing further climate change.  It is possible for us all to do our bit to reduce our carbon foot print such as recycling plastic bottles, cans and newspapers.  Many metals are easy to recycle and can be turned into useful products such as car parts, school lockers or machinery.

How to do your bit and save the trees?

Us humans are the only species that are civilized to make and break the planet earth, because of us trees and becoming extinct. Here are a few things you could do to help the planet:

  • Recycle Paper: When using paper always use both sides of the paper, and once you are done with the paper place it in a recycling bin so that it can be re-used. If you find that you have not all of the paper, be sure to have a scrap paper bin where you put paper in the bin that can be re-used to write scraps.
  • Buy Recycled Certified: I can not stress how important it is, buy certified wood products as then you know the materials used are from a sustainable forest. Make sure everything you purchase it certified, so goods such as paper, furniture, pens and pencils. As if you purchase certified wood products you are help fund loggers that do ethical logging like myself who plants 3 trees for every 1 we cut.

This video gives you an idea how deforestation causes issues to the planet: